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  • Prairie Winds Animal Clinic
    Added by Leigh Ford 2019.06.07
    Saw Doctor Patel to give my 4 pound Chihuahua her first shots, he was very kind, and gentle with her, and we will be returning, the prices are a lot lower than what my previous vet charges for doing the same thing.
  • Gold Fleet Subaru
    Added by Consuelo 2019.06.04
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  • William Grenville Davis Senior Public School
    Added by ajay 2019.05.29
    trying to sneak in. if anyone knows about any private transportation service to this school - please let me know. my son will be starting in sep 2019. thanks.6478865301
  • Gold Fleet Subaru
    Added by Shayne 2019.05.25
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  • Fraserview Crematorium
    Added by chad baker 2019.05.23
    im not happy with the service at all!!! sister died 8 days ago there is no communication now they are putting her cremation off till next wednesday ...bullshit i would recommend another place ....
  • McCartney Dental
    Added by Patricia 2019.05.23
    My dentist retired about 10 yrs ago and he was very gentle and I never felt any pain or discomfort when I went to him, so when he retired I'd put off going to another one because I had bad memories of a childhood trip to a dentist. I finally got up the nerve to go back to the dentist and I couldn't have asked for a better team. Dr McCartney team are friendly, helpful and understanding. They are just as good as my previous dentist that I don't feel any pain or discomfort while I'm in the chair. I'm no longer nervous before my appointments and actually enjoy my visits to Dr. McCartney's office.